I'm very proud of my senior-only team and our experience, because I know we're different to other technology agencies out there.

Waters Communications is a B2B technology PR consultancy with strong links to innovative companies, Cloud, Big Data, Digital Transformation and the connectivity and networks that deliver it. Coupled with a dynamic mindset, deep expertise and an outstanding track record, we provide milestone results at a cadence that matches your ambition.

We're a senior-only group of experts that have decades of experience – mature enough to be there at the start, but youthful enough to know where we're all going next. On average, each team member has at least 15 years’ experience.  

We have an insurgent mindset, and we're frankly underwhelmed by today's tech PR. Many of us have worked in-house and selected our own agencies, or, we've been director level account leads that have tried to catalyze our clients to achieve more. Now there's a way to do that.

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